Robert Hawkins – Omaha Mall Massacre

ohamamallmassacreRober Hawkins opened fire in a busy Omaha department store killing 9 people and wounded several others before killing himself. An SKS assault rifle was used by the gunman who left a suicide note “Now I’ll be famous”. Not much is known about Robert A. Hawkins motive other than suffering a set of setbacks in the past year.

He recently broke up with a girlfriend, got fired and failed to get into the Army as well. Coming from a troubled family he had also been treated for depression and attention deficit disorder. Hit the link to read the whole story at CBS News.

 CBS News

Coca Cola Happiness Factory Commercial

cocacolahappinessfactoryThis is the Coca Cola Happiness Factory – The Movie commercial that show the adventures of a factory worker as he embarks on a quest to replenish the Coke behind the world of a Coke vending machine. A higher definition can be viewed at the Coke site.

This commercial was created by advertising agency at Wieden and Kennedy, Amsterdam which utilized over fifty 3D animators.

The Coca Cola Happiness Factory – The Movie commercial after the jump.

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Japanese Glow In The Dark Fashion


Party night clothes that would definitely steal the show with these glow in the dark clothing. It looks like a lot of them are homemade too. 6 more pics after the jump.

Source: Comolokko



glowindarkfashion07 glowindarkfashion06 glowindarkfashion04 glowindarkfashion03 glowindarkfashion02

Tokyo After The Apocalypse


If you have been to Tokyo, chances are that these fantasy images will look familar with all the building landmarks. Devoid of human inhabitation, these shows how parts of Tokyo would look like if it would ever faced the apocalypse. Nature once again takes over eeriely to claim its land but instead of a brim outlook it does seem to be awfully peaceful. Above shows Shibuya and these images are created by Tokyo Genso (Tokyo Fantasy).

Check out 5 more pics of Tokyo after the Apocalypse after the jump.

Source: Pink Tentacle


Shibuya Center-gai 2


Shibuya Center-gai 1





Shibuya Center-gai 3


Avril Lavigne Shows Cleavage


Latest shoots of Avril Lavigne spotted getting some iced coffee from Starbucks with a friend. Punk princess is showing quite some cleavage with her pink bikini top outfit. Avril has never really gone through the sexy image until her recent nearly nude and very scandalous picture appear on the June cover of Blender magazine of which everyone was talking about. Anyway, 5 more pics of Avril Lavigne cleavage after the jump.

Source: JordanIsYourHomeboy

avrilcleavage05 avrilcleavage04 avrilcleavage03 avrilcleavage01

Chainsaw Maid – Most Violent Clay Animation

chainsawmaidBrutal clay animation that start out slow but quickly turns into a blood bath as the faithful maid tries to fend off zombies and took a last resort of wielding a chainsaw. Entertaining piece of work as clay never looked so violent until this came along.



Chainsaw Maid clay animation with 1 videoclip after the jump.

Dragon Ball Illustrations By Other Artists

dbzartist01The manga DragonBall by Akira Tokiyama is hugely popular over the world and he has inspired some of the current hugely popular manga artists in Japan. Here are some Dragon Ball illustrations by other artists from the likes of Eiichiro Oda of ‘One Piece’, Tite Kubo of ‘Belach’, Masashi Kishimoto of ‘Naruto’ and others. Few more pics after the jump.
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Resident Evil 5 Extended May Trailer

residentevil5trailerThe latest trailer from Capcom of Resident Evil 5 which reveal more characters and locations. Chris Redfield is seen attacked by hordes of fleet-footed enemies and an unknown female character came to his assistance.

Much interest has been garnered around the game as its predecessor won numerous Game of the Year awards. The game also sparked controversy with its depiction of a Caucasian protagonist killing hostile African villagers.

Ancient Calculators


A look at the mechanical calculators that people used in the old days. It sure does have gone a long way since these calculators look bulky and simplistic.

Check out more of ancient mechanical calculators with 4 more pics after the jump.

Source: Total Mania

ancientcalculators05 ancientcalculators04 ancientcalculators03 ancientcalculators02