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Coca Cola Happiness Factory Commercial

cocacolahappinessfactoryThis is the Coca Cola Happiness Factory – The Movie commercial that show the adventures of a factory worker as he embarks on a quest to replenish the Coke behind the world of a Coke vending machine. A higher definition can be viewed at the Coke site.

This commercial was created by advertising agency at Wieden and Kennedy, Amsterdam which utilized over fifty 3D animators.

The Coca Cola Happiness Factory – The Movie commercial after the jump.

Chainsaw Maid – Most Violent Clay Animation

chainsawmaidBrutal clay animation that start out slow but quickly turns into a blood bath as the faithful maid tries to fend off zombies and took a last resort of wielding a chainsaw. Entertaining piece of work as clay never looked so violent until this came along.



Chainsaw Maid clay animation with 1 videoclip after the jump.

Western Spaghetti – Cool Stop Motion Short

westernspaghettiWestern Spaghetti is a cool stop motion short from PES that uses different types of objects to represent the ingredients. Brilliant and original animation that’s so full of creative ideas and it is already proving to be a hit on the internet with almost 1 million views on Youtube.



Check out Western Spaghetti stop motion video with 1 video clip after the jump.

3D Facial Animation Demo By Pendulum Alter Ego

facialanimationAward winning animation studio Pendulum shows a demo of compelling and emotive digital characters from AlterEgo, their facial performance division. AlterEgo demonstrates how they accurately translate an actor’s facial performance into believable and life like 3D character animation.

Japanese Anime Sticker Automobile Latest Craze


Anime is a symbol of Japanese culture and fans of anime even embrace their cars with anime stickers in this latest craze trend. Some of them does look pretty cool while others are blatantly overdone.

Check out few more pics of anime sticker automobiles after the jump.
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Oktapodi – CG Animation Short

An impressive two minute short CG film by students of Paris’s Gobelins School of Image about two lovelorn octopi which was separated and went to great lengths to be reunited.

Oktapodi won several notable awards that include Best Animation Imagina 2008, ‘Best Student Animated Film Ficci Baf 2008′, Canal Award Annecy 2008 and many others. Check out the official website for more information.

1 videoclip of the amusing 3D animation short Oktapodi after the jump.