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Dragon Ball Illustrations By Other Artists

dbzartist01The manga DragonBall by Akira Tokiyama is hugely popular over the world and he has inspired some of the current hugely popular manga artists in Japan. Here are some Dragon Ball illustrations by other artists from the likes of Eiichiro Oda of ‘One Piece’, Tite Kubo of ‘Belach’, Masashi Kishimoto of ‘Naruto’ and others. Few more pics after the jump.
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Kokia Arigatou Anime Music Video – One Of The Best Ever Made


Totally love this anime music video using Kokia’s Arigatou with the anime ‘The Place Promised In Our Early Days’ (Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho). Kokia is a relatively lesser known Japanese singer who knew how to express her feelings by sound in her early childhood and her third single ‘Arigatou’ used in this anime music video won the third place in the International Popular Music Award in Hong Kong. 1 videoclip after the jump.

The Simpsonzu – Simpsons Anime Makeover


Earlier on we had the realistic makeover for South Park, well this time we have the anime makeover for the Simpsons by Space Coyote of Deviant Art. Every character is captured in a near perfect style from its original. Check out the original Simpsons pic after the jump.

If you liked this, you would like Space Coyote’s anime treatment of Futurama as well. Simpsonzu rose Vancouver artist Nina Matsumoto aka Space Coyote to instant fame after appearing on sites like digg and here’s the article by The Star about her. She even had offers from Matt Groening’s comics company and Fox!

Source: Deviant Art
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Astro Boy Art Created From Recycled Train Tickets


A 3.2 by 2.1 meter pixel art of Astro Boy made from 138,000 recycled Tokyo Metro tickets by volunteers was on display at the Shinjuku Takashima Store to mark the opening of Tokyo’s new Fukutoshin subway line.

The Astro Boy art was a follow up of four reproductions of world famous paintings using 320,000 train tickets end of last year by employees at the Takashimaya Department Store in Osaka. The employees actually sacrificed their breaks and free time for three months to complete Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa one of the famous painting rendition. Read more »