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Tokyo After The Apocalypse


If you have been to Tokyo, chances are that these fantasy images will look familar with all the building landmarks. Devoid of human inhabitation, these shows how parts of Tokyo would look like if it would ever faced the apocalypse. Nature once again takes over eeriely to claim its land but instead of a brim outlook it does seem to be awfully peaceful. Above shows Shibuya and these images are created by Tokyo Genso (Tokyo Fantasy).

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Source: Pink Tentacle


Shibuya Center-gai 2


Shibuya Center-gai 1





Shibuya Center-gai 3


The Big Picture Photo Mosaic


The Big Picture is a project to create the biggest photo album in the West Midlands where the people there submitted over 110,000 photos. The photos are then used to create a huge record breaking photo mosaic the size of three tennis courts which was unveiled at Birmingham’s Thinktank at Millenium Point on 23rd August 2008.

British artist Helen Marshall is the creative mind behind the project where she worked with photo mosaic specialists PollyTiles to realize the enormous image.

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Source: The Big Picture UK



Retro Sprites On Real Life Backgrounds

spriterealbg01Amusing remake of retro gaming such as Donkey Kong, Yoshi Island, Advance Wars, Street Fighter and many others on real backgrounds by RETROnoob at Deviant Art. Above shows Street Fighter Ken vs E. Honda in a dojo. Creative set of artwork to remind you of the old games that you have played in the old days.

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Source: Deviant Art

spriterealbg06 spriterealbg04 spriterealbg02 spriterealbg10 spriterealbg08

Decorative Stickers


A cool collection of decorative stickers from Diz Decor, a Brazilian design group that makes stickers to beautify walls. Not only does it brings life to one’s room, it changes the overall design perspective. It costs around USD200 after conversion which some might feel a bit pricey for a decal.

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Source: Abduzeedo
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Twisted Balloon Fashion


Cool fashion costumes made from twisted balloons. The downside though would require the wearer to stand at all time to ensure that the balloons stay intact.

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Source: Second Dose

twistedballoon07 twistedballoon05 twistedballoon03 twistedballoon02 twistedballoon12 twistedballoon09

Upside Down House Installation In Germany


An installation of an upside down house in Trassenheide Germany was opened to the public two weeks ago and was designed by Polish partners Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk for the Edutainment exhibition company.

People who have visited the house reported feeling dizzy and disorientated. An interesting alternative view of every day items and the designers did a great job with the interior. Similar buildings have been designed upside down before but only from the exterior.

More of the upside down house interior in Germany with 9 more pics after the jump.

Source: Weirdy News
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Astro Boy Art Created From Recycled Train Tickets


A 3.2 by 2.1 meter pixel art of Astro Boy made from 138,000 recycled Tokyo Metro tickets by volunteers was on display at the Shinjuku Takashima Store to mark the opening of Tokyo’s new Fukutoshin subway line.

The Astro Boy art was a follow up of four reproductions of world famous paintings using 320,000 train tickets end of last year by employees at the Takashimaya Department Store in Osaka. The employees actually sacrificed their breaks and free time for three months to complete Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa one of the famous painting rendition. Read more »

Lego Build Of USS Harry S Truman Aircraft Carrier


Amazing Lego creation of a battleship that uses more than 300,000 bricks to build this huge scale model of the USS Harry S Truman nuclear powered aircraft carrier which is one of the largest carrier in the US fleet.

Malle Hawking, father of two is the creator behind this lego aircraft carrier that carries 85 warplanes and more than 5,000 airmen and crew mimicking its real life counterpart.

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Source: Villiard
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