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Ancient Calculators


A look at the mechanical calculators that people used in the old days. It sure does have gone a long way since these calculators look bulky and simplistic.

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Source: Total Mania

ancientcalculators05 ancientcalculators04 ancientcalculators03 ancientcalculators02

iPhone SDK Sega Demonstration

supermonkeyballiphoneApple is opening the iPhone DSK to developers and this is an early demonstration by Sega of Super Monkey Ball on the iPhone. No keys are used and the monkey is controlled by tilting the device which opens up new gameplay elements of player interaction similar to the Wii.

World Most Expensive iPhone


The most expensive iPhone (Princess Plus) has a price tag of USD176,400 and is created by Austrian luxury designer and jeweler Peter Aloisson. There are 319 diamonds with 138 Princess cut (where the name of the iPhone was derived) and 180 brilliant cut. There is a total of 17.75 carats of diamond set in 18k white gold around its rim. The first customer is a Russian businessman who preordered it in October 2007. A lesser priced iPhone with only the brilliant cut diamonds can be purchased at a more modest price of USD66,150.

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Source: Luxury Launches

Tri Monitor Rackmount PC


The ultimate PC build using three Dell 2007fp LCD screens combined for a desktop resolution of 4800 x 12000 and two 256MB XFX 7600GT Fatal1ty PCI-E video cards were used. The CPU is a Core 2 Duo E4300 and ram used was 2x1Gb Corsair DDR2 PC5300.

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Source: 13 Amp

trimonitor10 trimonitor08 trimonitor03 trimonitor02 trimonitor09



Cool gadget designed by Tom Lawton that uses wind powered outdoor light. The wind blows from any direction the Firewinder spins and creates cool visual effect. The Firewinder was in development for six years and currently the gadget is patented and available for preorder.

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Source: Tom Lawton

firewinder03 firewinder02 firewinder07 firewinder05