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Resident Evil 5 Extended May Trailer

residentevil5trailerThe latest trailer from Capcom of Resident Evil 5 which reveal more characters and locations. Chris Redfield is seen attacked by hordes of fleet-footed enemies and an unknown female character came to his assistance.

Much interest has been garnered around the game as its predecessor won numerous Game of the Year awards. The game also sparked controversy with its depiction of a Caucasian protagonist killing hostile African villagers.

Retro Sprites On Real Life Backgrounds

spriterealbg01Amusing remake of retro gaming such as Donkey Kong, Yoshi Island, Advance Wars, Street Fighter and many others on real backgrounds by RETROnoob at Deviant Art. Above shows Street Fighter Ken vs E. Honda in a dojo. Creative set of artwork to remind you of the old games that you have played in the old days.

More of the retro sprites on real backgrounds with 12 more pics after the jump.

Source: Deviant Art

spriterealbg06 spriterealbg04 spriterealbg02 spriterealbg10 spriterealbg08

iPhone SDK Sega Demonstration

supermonkeyballiphoneApple is opening the iPhone DSK to developers and this is an early demonstration by Sega of Super Monkey Ball on the iPhone. No keys are used and the monkey is controlled by tilting the device which opens up new gameplay elements of player interaction similar to the Wii.

Mario Room Art Installation


An interesting Super Mario Brothers room art installation by female artist Antonette J. Citizen. It would have made a great background for Super Mario Brothers cosplay.

Check out 4 more pics of the Mario room art installation after the jump.

Source: Google Pages

marioroom02 marioroom09 marioroom04 marioroom03


Gears Of War XBox 360 Mod

gearsofwarxbox02A Gears Of War Xbox 360 mod that looks pretty cool that was sculpted using Bondo (Plastic body fillers for cars) a polyester resin product. A skull sculpture fills the top right of the console with the words ‘Gears Of War’ imprinted at the bottom. Hopefully the mod didn’t hinder any of the ventilation that could cause it to overheat and the red ring of death. You can also check out the awesome mod of God Of War on a PSP.

5 more pics of the Gears Of War XBox 360 Mod after the jump.

Source: Llama Forums

gearsofwarxbox03 gearsofwarxbox01 gearsofwarxbox09 gearsofwarxbox07 gearsofwarxbox05

Bowser’s Minions Mutiny


There’s a disagreement by the minions of Bowser in how they should deal with the Mario brothers. Unhappy with the restrictions imposed on them, the minion starts to stage a revolt. An original video from College Humor that should entertain those who have played the Mario series.