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Megan Fox Of Transformers Photo Gallery


If you have watched Transformers the Movie, chances are that you would still be drooling over Megan Fox right now (if you are a guy that is). Here’s some great photos of Megan Fox of Transformers with 16 more pics after the jump.

meganfox05 meganfox04 meganfox03 meganfox02 meganfox01 meganfox12 meganfox10 meganfox07

The Simpsonzu – Simpsons Anime Makeover


Earlier on we had the realistic makeover for South Park, well this time we have the anime makeover for the Simpsons by Space Coyote of Deviant Art. Every character is captured in a near perfect style from its original. Check out the original Simpsons pic after the jump.

If you liked this, you would like Space Coyote’s anime treatment of Futurama as well. Simpsonzu rose Vancouver artist Nina Matsumoto aka Space Coyote to instant fame after appearing on sites like digg and here’s the article by The Star about her. She even had offers from Matt Groening’s comics company and Fox!

Source: Deviant Art
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