Western Spaghetti – Cool Stop Motion Short

westernspaghettiWestern Spaghetti is a cool stop motion short from PES that uses different types of objects to represent the ingredients. Brilliant and original animation that’s so full of creative ideas and it is already proving to be a hit on the internet with almost 1 million views on Youtube.



Check out Western Spaghetti stop motion video with 1 video clip after the jump.

Megan Fox Of Transformers Photo Gallery


If you have watched Transformers the Movie, chances are that you would still be drooling over Megan Fox right now (if you are a guy that is). Here’s some great photos of Megan Fox of Transformers with 16 more pics after the jump.

meganfox05 meganfox04 meganfox03 meganfox02 meganfox01 meganfox12 meganfox10 meganfox07

The Big Picture Photo Mosaic


The Big Picture is a project to create the biggest photo album in the West Midlands where the people there submitted over 110,000 photos. The photos are then used to create a huge record breaking photo mosaic the size of three tennis courts which was unveiled at Birmingham’s Thinktank at Millenium Point on 23rd August 2008.

British artist Helen Marshall is the creative mind behind the project where she worked with photo mosaic specialists PollyTiles to realize the enormous image.

2 more pics of ‘The Big Picture’ photo mosaic after the jump.

Source: The Big Picture UK



Wang Fang – Born With Feet Backwards

wangfang27 year old Wang Fang, a waitress from China was born with feet that face backwards. She however does not want to be classifed as disabled as she claims that she could run faster than most friends and have a regular job. Hit the link to read the whole story.

Link: Daily Mail UK

Retro Sprites On Real Life Backgrounds

spriterealbg01Amusing remake of retro gaming such as Donkey Kong, Yoshi Island, Advance Wars, Street Fighter and many others on real backgrounds by RETROnoob at Deviant Art. Above shows Street Fighter Ken vs E. Honda in a dojo. Creative set of artwork to remind you of the old games that you have played in the old days.

More of the retro sprites on real backgrounds with 12 more pics after the jump.

Source: Deviant Art

spriterealbg06 spriterealbg04 spriterealbg02 spriterealbg10 spriterealbg08

Shu Uemera Eyelash Bar In Tokyo

japaneyelash01An employee tries out these false eyelashes at the Shu Uemura eyelashes bar in the chic Omotesando district in Tokyo. With twenty-two different types of designs, the price cost ranges from $13 to $43. Right shows one of the design, a pair of hand-crafted feather false eyelashes.

I have mixed feelings if this trend goes popular and the employee wearing this eyelashes sure need a dental job on her teeth if she is to market these. 10 more pics after the jump.

Source: Wgal


japaneyelash02 japaneyelash04 japaneyelash03

Kokia Arigatou Anime Music Video – One Of The Best Ever Made


Totally love this anime music video using Kokia’s Arigatou with the anime ‘The Place Promised In Our Early Days’ (Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho). Kokia is a relatively lesser known Japanese singer who knew how to express her feelings by sound in her early childhood and her third single ‘Arigatou’ used in this anime music video won the third place in the International Popular Music Award in Hong Kong. 1 videoclip after the jump.

iPhone SDK Sega Demonstration

supermonkeyballiphoneApple is opening the iPhone DSK to developers and this is an early demonstration by Sega of Super Monkey Ball on the iPhone. No keys are used and the monkey is controlled by tilting the device which opens up new gameplay elements of player interaction similar to the Wii.

Decorative Stickers


A cool collection of decorative stickers from Diz Decor, a Brazilian design group that makes stickers to beautify walls. Not only does it brings life to one’s room, it changes the overall design perspective. It costs around USD200 after conversion which some might feel a bit pricey for a decal.

Check out few more pics of the decorative wall stickers after the jump.

Source: Abduzeedo
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Celebrities I Would Love To See Fat


Some celebrities are just too perfect physically and it would definitely be fun to see the likes of Elizabeth Hurley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullocks put on some serious weight. 5 more pics after the jump.







lovefatcelebrities06 lovefatcelebrities05 lovefatcelebrities04 lovefatcelebrities03 lovefatcelebrities02