Cool Bizarre Jewelry Ideas


A collection of weird jewelry ideas from Open! Design and Concepts Studios that has been designing extraordinary designs since 1996.

Check out their cool jewelry concept ideas with 25 more pics after the jump.

Source: Open Concepts

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3D Facial Animation Demo By Pendulum Alter Ego

facialanimationAward winning animation studio Pendulum shows a demo of compelling and emotive digital characters from AlterEgo, their facial performance division. AlterEgo demonstrates how they accurately translate an actor’s facial performance into believable and life like 3D character animation.

Mario Room Art Installation


An interesting Super Mario Brothers room art installation by female artist Antonette J. Citizen. It would have made a great background for Super Mario Brothers cosplay.

Check out 4 more pics of the Mario room art installation after the jump.

Source: Google Pages

marioroom02 marioroom09 marioroom04 marioroom03


Japanese Anime Sticker Automobile Latest Craze


Anime is a symbol of Japanese culture and fans of anime even embrace their cars with anime stickers in this latest craze trend. Some of them does look pretty cool while others are blatantly overdone.

Check out few more pics of anime sticker automobiles after the jump.
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Most Emailed Photos on Yahoo!

mostprematurebabyCheck out Yahoo’s most emailed 48 photos of all time. Some are pretty graphic and disturbing though. Left is a handout image from OCtober 24, 2006 that shows the world’s most premature baby, Amilia Sonja Taylor. Hit the link to see the rest of the photos.

 Yahoo News

World Most Expensive iPhone


The most expensive iPhone (Princess Plus) has a price tag of USD176,400 and is created by Austrian luxury designer and jeweler Peter Aloisson. There are 319 diamonds with 138 Princess cut (where the name of the iPhone was derived) and 180 brilliant cut. There is a total of 17.75 carats of diamond set in 18k white gold around its rim. The first customer is a Russian businessman who preordered it in October 2007. A lesser priced iPhone with only the brilliant cut diamonds can be purchased at a more modest price of USD66,150.

Check out 2 more pics of the world most expensive iPhone after the jump.

Source: Luxury Launches

The Simpsonzu – Simpsons Anime Makeover


Earlier on we had the realistic makeover for South Park, well this time we have the anime makeover for the Simpsons by Space Coyote of Deviant Art. Every character is captured in a near perfect style from its original. Check out the original Simpsons pic after the jump.

If you liked this, you would like Space Coyote’s anime treatment of Futurama as well. Simpsonzu rose Vancouver artist Nina Matsumoto aka Space Coyote to instant fame after appearing on sites like digg and here’s the article by The Star about her. She even had offers from Matt Groening’s comics company and Fox!

Source: Deviant Art
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Maria Sharapova – World Team Tennis League 2007 Photos


The World Team Tennis League photos of Maria Sharapova who returns to the Newport Beach Breakers playing against the New York Sportimes on July 25. The Breakers include other marquee such stars as Pete Sampras, Anna Kournikova and Venus Williams. They played at the brand new Breakers Stadium at Newport Beach Country Club. The Breakers won the WTT championship in 2004 and finished up as runner ups in 2006. 12 more pics of Maria Sharapova after the jump.

mariasharapovawtt11 mariasharapovawtt07 mariasharapovawtt06 mariasharapovawtt03 mariasharapovawtt02

Gears Of War XBox 360 Mod

gearsofwarxbox02A Gears Of War Xbox 360 mod that looks pretty cool that was sculpted using Bondo (Plastic body fillers for cars) a polyester resin product. A skull sculpture fills the top right of the console with the words ‘Gears Of War’ imprinted at the bottom. Hopefully the mod didn’t hinder any of the ventilation that could cause it to overheat and the red ring of death. You can also check out the awesome mod of God Of War on a PSP.

5 more pics of the Gears Of War XBox 360 Mod after the jump.

Source: Llama Forums

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Twisted Balloon Fashion


Cool fashion costumes made from twisted balloons. The downside though would require the wearer to stand at all time to ensure that the balloons stay intact.

18 more pics of beautiful balloon fashion after the jump.

Source: Second Dose

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